Saturday, September 11, 2021

Arsenal 1 - Norwich City 0

 Arsenal scored its first goal (Auba) and eeked out its first victory of the season at home to newly promoted Norwich City. Norwich played hard and will be unhappy not to have picked up a point from the match. Arsenal, meanwhile, will breathe a huge sigh of relief, and manager Arteta will perhaps have saved his job for one more week. The fact that he did not make a number of defensive substitutions towards the game's end will feed concerns that about his inability to make appropriate adjustments on the fly. On the offensive side, Arsenal, and Pepe in particular, squandered a number of chances. Aubameyang, despite having bundled home the game winning goal, still looks a step slower and less sharp than he was a couple of seasons ago. 

Nothing I saw today changes my mind about the house-cleaning that is required at the end of this season (if not sooner). But when was the last season I didn't believe that? 

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